Cruises: A Great Experience that you simply can’t miss

Are you looking for a relaxing vacation with your wife and kids? Or you are a solo traveller looking for your future partner? This summer don’t miss the opportunity of a lifetime. An amazing cruise to some of the best destinations around the world, whatever your sentimental situation is!

In the last 8 years the number of passengers in the worldwide cruise industry has constantly increased, year after year, to reach 23.3 million in 2017. Furthermore, the demand for cruises had increased 62% from 2005-2015. People all around the world are always enjoying this way of spending holidays, so why don’t you try?

Nowadays, cruise companies offer many different kinds of deals. If you have a strict budget and you have a family, don’t worry! Most of the cruises are family friendly. The family deals that lots of companies provide can be perfect for you! MSC and Brittany Ferries are among those where kids can cruise for free. It’s a very convenient option that will make the little ones very happy thanks to the facilities on board. The possibility to enjoy different countries while having fun and relaxing is truly unique!

On the other hand, if you like to travel by yourself and want to find the right person for you, the cruises for singles are exactly what you may want to find out about. There are many companies that have stared to promote this kind of cruise, just for singles! There are plenty of destinations, with different prices, in order to make it possible for everyone. Parties and events on board will be a great opportunity to socialise with your fellow solo cruisers.

However, cruises are also the target of many critics. In recent years, many protesters gathered in Venice to protest against the huge cruise ships crossing the Giudecca Canal each year. In November 2014, Venetian officials tried to stop it by banning cruise ships from entering in the Canal, but, the cruise companies complained and after just a few months the ban was overturned.

Ideally there should be moderation from cruise ships entering Venice, in order to sympathise with the Venetians concerns. In contrast, cruises should still be able to access the canals to enjoy the most beautiful city in the world. A limit to cruise ships entering Venice each year would be the best solution.

Cruises are an unforgettable experience that must be done at least once. The activities on board are just another reason why you should choose to cruise. You can enjoy restaurants, casinos, sports pitches, spas or yoga, with no extra fees! Therefore, the fare that you pay at the beginning to book your place includes all those activities.

What are you waiting for?


Harmony of the Seas is currently the largest cruise ship in the world. It is able to host 5,479 passengers.


– Francesco Tamilia


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