Here’s why the streets of New York will make you feel brand new

New York City: A city which doesn’t hide from what it is – significant impact, architecture, subject, fascination, or pattern that somehow isn’t touched or reflected in the work, play, imagination, business, inventiveness, and world-class chutzpah that unfurls in the gullies of this incredible urbanity.

Streets of New York

Children, of course, will be amazed by its sheer magical identity (grown-ups are as well) and get a kick out of what it offers guests: each one of those A-star attractions like the Empire State Building; Statue of Liberty; the frequently ignored Children’s Museum of Manhattan; and Central Park (not to forget the Strawberry Fields, tribute to John Lennon, MoMA, Broadway and Columbia University Campus ).

New York is frequently titled as the ‘city for the young ones.’ Those are just misconceptions, my friends. NYC is not only a city for the older ones, but it also has this magical touch which makes everyone feel younger. If you feel there are too many twenty-somethings around, then just hop on the subway and go to 161 W. 23rd Street where you will find an unnamed venue, designed only for the 35-and-over crowd.

New York Times Square

There’s this myth that New Yorkers don’t care about you. It is absolutely false. New York is everything but an anonymous city. If you get lost, struggle to find the correct place you want to visit, or even if you are having a serious life crisis, people will help you. You may not realise this until you’re on the last day of your trip, but trust me, when it’s about time to leave this magnificent city, you’re going to say “Damn, I wish this was home.”

In my opinion, what makes this diverse city the best is its skyline. When you see the city from the water, it’s completely different. Even New Yorkers agree. Kids are stunned at seeing the city’s beautiful buildings and lights. It is like an astronaut’s view of the Planet. From the water, you can see parts of the city which you miss walking amongst the buildings, and damn yes, decks are comfortable.

There’s actually a lot more in New York than anyone could ever describe. You can see volcanoes in the middle of the streets and beautiful fountains in front of grand hotels. There are no taboos; you cannot go too far; the madder you are, the more you fit in. You can take a helicopter ride over the Hudson River and feel like Christian Grey. It’s that kind of place.


New York City is the answer to all your questions. It can make you go from sad to happy, and from happy to super happy. There’s a whiff of love in the air, which makes everything even better.

And oh, ladies, there are indeed handsome men in NYC.

-Peony Hirwani


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