Traveling with Closed Eyes

Would you say yes to travel without knowing the destination? A new interesting experience has emerged in France. This concept is certainly exciting. For some of us, not worrying about the question ‘Where could we go?’ means a lot.



Few companies propose a brand new sort of travel. These companies create customized travels to unknown destinations. Linked with the success of scavenger hunts this new concept seduces more and more people.

As Psychologists have reported that guessing the destination keeps you very excited about travel, Sébastien, 29 years old was betting on Africa. During the days between the reservation and the departure, he and his girlfriend were receiving clues about the destination. Everything was leading them to Africa. Nonetheless, they were surprised when they discovered they were heading to the Philippines. The couple said ‘The most exciting moment is when you are at the airport and you open the letter to find out the destination letter that arrived two days ago at home!’

Nowadays, people are more and more worried about their safety; and tourism feels it. However, these trips give the tourists a taste for adventure again. Top-secret destination, hotel, activities, everything is organised by the company.

The organisation does not stop at the opening of the first letter. Everyday you have a new unknown activity, so each evening you have to open the letter for the next day. ‘With this way to travel you or your children never get bored!’ said Charlotte 45 years old.

But, travelling without knowing anything also allows you to clear your head. Wake up at 5 to see a beautiful sunrise, swim with dolphins, learn the local traditions, go to the opera, walk in mountains… All of these activities permit you to get out of your comfort zone. A freedom from decision making, at the same time stimulating and restful.



So, if you are interested in trying something new, surprise yourself! You can go on different websites… Each website has it’s own particularities. If you feel adventurous but not too much, you can go on faittavalise. They reveal your destination at D-3. If you want to live the whole thing, experience the idea from scratch, you can go on emoovio or capmystere, knowing that capmystere is the leader and that they have a very good reputation.

We hope that this article will give you another prospective of travelling!

– Kiara Vigo


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