2017 : International Year of Sustainable Tourism for Development

Did you know that 2017 is meant to be a year of sustainable tourism? The United Nations decided to make this a year of change regarding tourism. To honour all the engineers, companies, collectivities or individuals who work hard on ecology, they made 2017 the ‘year of Sustainable Tourism for Development’. So, what does that…

Google Maps mistakenly leads tourists to quiet Norwegian village

These days we rely on technology for everything, particularly for travel. From getting the best hotel deals to finding local restaurants, a lot of dependence is put onto our tech. But it isn’t always as reliable as we think… Recently, tourists from over the world, sometimes by the bus load, have been mistakenly traveling to…

Top Seven Places to Escape to this summer

Feel like you’re always doing the same thing? Stuck in a rut? Work, parenting, cranky boss, laundry, dishes – same old nine-to-five life? Give your Spirit a much-needed Break! Positano (Amalfi Coast, Italy) – Embedded with it’s famous meats, country-side beauty and scenic sunshine, there possibly is no better place to get a hearty break….

UNWTO releases it’s second report on LGBT Tourism

The UNWTO’s second Global Report on LGBT Tourism was propelled at the Annual Convention of the International Gay, Lesbian and Transgender Association (IGLTA) on 4-6 May in Florida, USA. The report, created in participation with IGLTA, basically underlines the capability of this section, and viably maximises the event’s value. After the accomplishment of the primary version, published…

Fluctuating holiday prices will more than likely rip you off

Imagine booking a family holiday to Florida one day, then, your friends buy the exact same holiday from the exact same booking company the next day. You’d imagine that they’d be the same price, right? Incredibly that’s not the case. A study conducted by currency firm FairFX found that prices rose by over 50% in just a day….